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Late Start Wednesdays – Summit Rise

Late Start Wednesday:   Summit Rise will be available on Wednesday mornings between 7:50 – 8:50 a.m. at no cost to families with elementary-age children.  The late start allows weekly time for structured teacher collaboration with each Wednesday school day beginning one hour late.

On late-start Wednesdays, buses will run one hour later than normal with all classes beginning one hour later. Teachers will report to work at their regular time and will work together to evaluate students’ learning needs and develop strategies to meet these needs.

SCHOOL HOURS on Late Start Wednesday

7:50 a.m.          Students enrolled in Summit Rise may enter the building through the front doors

8:50 a.m.          Front doors locked until first bell        

9:05 a.m.          First bell – Students proceed to classrooms – Grab N Go Breakfast

9:20 a.m.          Second bell – Anyone entering after this time is considered tardy

3: 20 p.m.         End of day announcements and dismissal

Any questions please call our office 816-986-1320.